How to enable IPv6 address

The IPv6 address is a special address for identifying your computer in a network. For a long time, only the IPv4 address was used for this purpose. However, this is gradually being replaced by the newer address and will soon no longer be a standard.

How to activate the address on your computer

In order for your computer to also use the new protocol via IPv6, it must first be activated in the system settings.

  1. Press the [Windows] key and enter “Control Panel” in the search field. There you now click on the item “Network and Sharing Center”, which you will find in the category “Network and Internet”.
  2. You will now see a graphic about the status of the current connection. By clicking on “Connections” you get to all registered networks, from which you now select your current.
  3. Select “Properties” and scroll in the displayed list until you get to the point “Internet Protocol, Version 6”. In parentheses behind it, IPv6 is also specified once again.
  4. By selecting the checkbox and clicking “OK”, you complete the setup.

How to activate the address on the Mac

  1. On the Mac, you must first open the terminal.
  2. Now enter the command “networksetup -setv6automatic Wi-Fi” and confirm with [Enter].
  3. Already by this simple command you activate the use of IPv6 for your Wi-Fi connection.